Here at Ace Academy, we believe fostering a love of reading is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether your child is a curious toddler or a budding young reader, there are exciting ways to turn story time into an enriching adventure!

Here are some tips to ignite your little one’s passion for the written word:

1. Start Early and Make it Fun:

Even before your child can grasp words, introduce them to the magic of books. Cuddle up with colourful picture books, sing along to nursery rhymes, and point out objects and animals on the pages. Use silly voices and sound effects to bring the stories to life.

2. Create a Cozy Reading Nook:

Designate a special, comfortable space for reading. Outfit it with comfy pillows, soft blankets, and good lighting. This dedicated area will become a haven for quiet exploration and foster positive associations with reading.

3. Let Them Choose (with Guidance):

As your child grows, involve them in selecting books. Take regular trips to the library and let them explore different sections. While offering age-appropriate suggestions, give them some control over their reading choices.

4. Make Reading a Family Activity:

Show your child that reading is enjoyable for everyone! Set aside dedicated family reading time where everyone snuggles up with a book of their choice. Discuss the stories you’re reading, share what you find interesting, and ask them questions about their books.

5. Go Beyond the Book:

Extend the world of the story through engaging activities. Act out scenes, create crafts inspired by the characters, or have a themed snack time related to the book. This helps solidify the story in your child’s mind and makes reading an interactive experience.

6. Celebrate Reading Milestones:

Acknowledge and celebrate your child’s reading achievements! Whether it’s mastering a new sight word or finishing their first chapter book, celebrate their progress and show them how proud you are.

 At Ace Academy, we incorporate reading throughout the day with group story times, sing-alongs, and independent reading periods. We believe in fostering a love of learning that starts early and lasts a lifetime!