Our Rooms

Nursery Room

Our dedicated team in the nursery knows just how crucial it is to provide a comforting and suitable environment for our youngest learners. With a heartfelt commitment to embracing and supporting these young minds, we meticulously plan our spaces to ensure each child feels at home and inspired to explore the world around them.

In our nursery, every moment is an opportunity for learning and growth. We cherish and nurture, offering a safe and secure space that resembles the comforts of home. Here, your little one can freely explore and begin to understand the vast world that awaits them.

Toddler Room

The educators of our toddler room set an environment with many natural spaces and open-ended learning for children to be motivated in exploring the natural environment with imagination and creativity. 

We understand that this phase is a pivotal time for building confidence and independence, and our devoted team is committed to fostering these essential skills in every child.

Our top priority is to ensure that your little one feels comfortable and at ease. We honor and respect the routines established by each family, seamlessly integrating them into our program. By working hand in hand with parents and guardians, we create a cohesive and harmonious experience that nurtures the best possible development for our children.

Junior & Senior Kindy rOOM

Our Educators are committed to providing quality early learning experiences, grounded in the principles of the Early Learning Years Framework. This comprehensive guideline forms the backbone of our approach, ensuring that every child receives the best possible foundation for their educational journey.

In our vibrant and dynamic Kindy environments, children embark on an exciting journey of learning through play. We understand that this stage is crucial for nurturing important life skills that set the foundation for a bright future. Here, young minds thrive as they socialise, share, and develop their personal identity, sense of belonging, and overall confidence.


Our Kindergarten Room is dedicated to delivering the esteemed Queensland Government Kindergarten Program, which spans the entire school year. Aligned with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, our program is meticulously crafted to nurture every aspect of a child’s development – be it social, emotional, physical, intellectual, or language abilities.

In our nurturing environment, children are presented with endless opportunities to flourish and grow. The cornerstone of our approach lies in granting them the freedom to explore and experiment, allowing their individual learning journey to take shape without any limitations.

Explore our environments and meet our wonderful team of educators!