Our Philosophy

Children are our future, our greatest asset.

These statements reflect the beliefs and values of our Educators, families, children, and community members who attend Ace Academy Early Learning.



We recognise the importance of the early years, and we take a holistic and inclusive approach to educating our children.

    • We provide a safe, inviting, relaxed, warm and nurturing environment.
    • We create learning environments based on children’s interests and view the environment as the third teacher. 
    • We create and deliver ongoing assessments that will support and monitor children’s developmental milestones and their progression of learning.
    • We provide flexible routines to ensure the children are respected and empowered. To meet the needs of the children and maximise their learning outcomes. 
    • We value effective and open communication.


Education and Care 

  • We believe in nurturing children.
  • We ensure our children are protected and safe.
  • We strive to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for each child. 
  • We are dedicated professionals who advocate for each child’s social, cultural and emotional well-being. We follow the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • We believe all the children are capable and we respect their learning needs.


  • We believe that it is vital for all staff to continuously engage with professional development to enhance their knowledge and best support each child.
  • We engage in reflective practice to implement the best practices for the children.

“Help to support families to be and feel strong, connect them to services and resources so they can support their children really well. Make our services, places that value and support the children not as a future adult but as children now”  – U. Bronfenbrenner

Family Involvement

  • We value and welcome family feedback, contributions, and participation in our service.
  • We assist families with parent workshops, information nights, daily discussions, and meetings as needed.
  • We work closely with families to support children’s wellbeing and learning needs.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate cultural diversity.
  • We understand culture is a fundamental part of identity and shapes who we are.

Community Involvement

  • We have relationships with local schools which support our school readiness program.
  • We share our knowledge with the local community to support our children.
  • We embrace our local and wider community by building relationships and connections.
  • We encourage families to make connections within the community and utilise social groups.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle

Play-Based Learning

Children are encouraged to explore a range of play such as imagination, creativity, construction, sensory, and gross motor while we encourage friendships between children and encourage peer scaffolding. We positively respond to children’s spontaneous ideas guiding their self-play and, therefore, direct self-learning. As educators, we ensure to provide a range of resources to respond to children’s curiosity, interests, abilities and needs. As educators, we value the importance of our interactions while joining children’s play as a chance to pursue their learning journey.

Physical Environment & Nature Play

We believe and recognise the importance of the physical environment as the children’s third teacher, and therefore, we constantly reflect on improvements to facilitate children’s learning, abilities, and autonomy. We believe in providing a range of natural and manufactured resources that utilise colours. We provide natural play areas with grass, a dirt-digging patch, a sandpit, planting, and climbing equipment made from recycled timber and iron. We provide a rich, relaxed, and comfortable environment that responds to children’s curiosity, ideas, and interests, where the child happily joins in. We are working towards providing an improved outdoor space for the children to grow their gross motor development, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. We encourage promoting mental health benefits through nature play in various ways, such as engaging in art, craft, and sensory experiences, increasing the children’s creativity and reflectivity.

We value learning about nature’s life cycles and respecting natural life such as animals and plants. We encourage children to care for their natural outdoor environment by providing opportunities such as gardening experiences.

Relationships with children

We believe in building trusting, safe, secure, and reciprocal relationships with the children. We nurture children at times of distress by demonstrating understanding, kindness, and comfort. We acknowledge the difficulty that children face when transitioning between families and caregivers. Transitions can be a challenging time for the children’s mental health and well-being to become active learners. We recognise children’s abilities, needs, and rights, and as educators, we positively respond to support their individuality, building on self-decision making and effective communication. We encourage pride in helping children to reach their potential to the fullest.