Have you ever wondered why some kids seem to learn best by listening to stories, while others prefer building things with blocks? At Ace Academy, we believe every child learns differently! Understanding your child’s unique learning style is the key to unlocking their full potential and making learning a thrilling adventure.

Learning Styles: A Spectrum, Not a Box

Children learn best in a variety of ways, but some approaches resonate more than others. Here are the three main learning styles:

  • Visual Whiz: These “picture perfect” learners thrive on seeing information. They love colourful charts, diagrams, and of course, captivating pictures in books.
  • Listening: For these auditory learners, the world revolves around sound. They learn best through discussions, rhymes, songs, and engaging audiobooks.
  • Hands-On: Kinaesthetic learners are all about movement and activity. They excel through experiments, role-playing, building with blocks, and exploring their world firsthand.

Unmasking Your Little Learner’s Style:

There’s no one-size-fits-all test, but these clues might reveal your child’s learning style:

  • The Visual Whiz: Do they spend hours drawing, point out details in pictures, and gravitate towards visually appealing books?
  • The Listening Champion: Do they remember songs easily, repeat what they hear, and light up during story time?
  • The Hands-On Hero: Are they constantly on the move, fidgety when sitting still, and learn best by doing?

Learning Adventures for Every Style:

Once you know your child’s learning style, you can create engaging experiences that cater to their strengths:

  • Visual Whiz: Turn learning into a visual feast with flashcards, mind maps, and educational videos. Let them draw pictures or diagrams to represent new concepts.
  • Listening Champion: Bring learning to life with audiobooks, educational podcasts, and songs that reinforce what they’re learning. Discuss concepts verbally and encourage them to explain things in their own words.
  • Hands-On Hero: Get them moving! Build models, role-play scenarios, or conduct hands-on experiments. Encourage them to act out stories to solidify their understanding.


  • Learning styles are a blend, not a category. Most children benefit from a combination of approaches.
  • Focus on strengths, not weaknesses. Build on what your child excels at to solidify areas that might be more challenging.
  • Make learning fun! When learning is engaging, children are more receptive and retain information better.

Together, Let’s Make Learning a Blast!

Here at Ace Academy, we celebrate every child’s unique learning journey. By understanding your child’s style, you can create a world of wonder and curiosity at home. Our experienced childcare professionals are also here to offer support and guidance. Let’s work together to help your child shine!