At Ace Academy Early Learning, we believe it is important to introduce healthy habits from a young age. During those early years children will establish taste preferences, discover foods that fuel them and will be building a relationship with food. So, how can we foster a culture of healthy eating and positive relationships with food?

1. Introduce your young adventurers to a vibrant array of fruits and vegetables! Offer a variety of textures, hues, and flavours, presenting new delights such as crisp carrots, succulent watermelons, and velvety avocados. Keep in mind, curiosity is key – the more they’re exposed to, the more likely they will be open minded.

2. Release the pressure and transform mealtime into sensory adventures. Let your little ones create broccoli towers, dunk carrots into hummus, or craft funny faces with fruit slices. Playful exploration can ignite a passion for nutritious foods.

3. Involve your children in meal prep! Allow them to select ingredients at the local market, rinse fruits and veggies, and mix batter for healthy banana bread. Encouraging ownership nurtures a sense of connection and gratitude for nourishing choices.

4. Water is the ultimate hero for well-being! Encourage hydration with colourful reusable bottles, fun ice cube shapes, or homemade fruit-infused water. Remember, staying hydrated fuels adventures and keeps those tiny engines running smoothly.

5. Limit sugary drinks, processed snacks, and treats. Instead, offer naturally sweet alternatives like berries, yogurt with a sprinkle of granola, or homemade banana ice cream. Remember, healthy taste buds are happy taste buds!

Teaching healthy eating habits isn’t about rigid rules or restrictive diets. It’s about creating a playful, supportive environment where healthy choices become a natural part of their curious exploration. 

5. Minimise sugary beverages, processed snacks, and lollies. Instead, offer naturally sweet alternatives like berries, yogurt topped with granola, or homemade banana ice cream.

Teaching healthy eating habits isn’t about imposing strict regulations or enforcing restrictive diets. It’s about cultivating a playful, supportive atmosphere where nutritious decisions seamlessly integrate into their inquisitive explorations.