Starting from January 2024, the Queensland Government is making Kindergarten, or ‘kindy,’ free for all eligible children. The Queensland Government’s decision to make kindy free for children is a significant milestone. It not only eases the financial burden on parents but also ensures that children receive a strong start in their education. Whether you choose a sessional kindergarten or a long day care service, this initiative paves the way for a brighter future for Queensland’s young learners.

If you’re a parent in Queensland, here’s what you need to know about this fantastic initiative.

Free Kindy Basics: What Parents Need to Understand

From January 1, 2024, Queensland children attending a government-approved kindergarten program can benefit from 15 hours free kindy. This program encompasses 15 hours of weekly educational engagement over 40 weeks each year.

Exploring Your Kindy Choices

Kindergarten programs are available through two primary types of services: long day care and sessional kindergartens. Sessional kindergartens operate during school hours each school term, whereas long day care services can provide kindergarten programs as part of their extended hours of care.

Service Variations

Kindergarten services vary in their delivery methods across different facilities. Additionally, some services may deliver the 15 hours of free kindy over two or three days, requiring separate payment for any additional care. If your child attends kindy within a long day care setting, it’s important to note that the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy may partially cover some of the additional care costs.

Your Child’s First Step to Formal Education

Kindergarten, affectionately referred to as “kindy,” is a part-time educational program designed for children in the year before they begin Prep (the first year of formal schooling). It’s a crucial phase in a child’s early development, providing a structured environment for learning and socialisation. Learn more about our own Kindergarten program here.