About Us

Welcome to Ace Academy, where we embrace an inclusive approach to learning. Our belief in fostering growth and success revolves around four essential pillars: the children, their families, our educators, and the community. As one cohesive unit, we nurture, learn, and thrive together, and we can’t wait to extend our warm welcome to you, so you can experience the Ace Academy difference first-hand. At Ace Academy, we are more than just an educational institution; we are a community of passionate individuals committed to empowering your child’s growth and development.

Join us in this enriching journey, and together, we’ll create a bright future for your little ones.

Our Guiding Frameworks 

At Ace Academy, we are committed to providing a top-notch education through the Emergent Curriculum, following both the Early Learning Years Framework and the government-approved Kindergarten program. Our thoughtfully designed curriculum guides, supports, and inspires your child during their crucial early stages of development, ensuring they receive the best possible foundation for lifelong learning.

Professional Support Programs

We understand the significance of a strong foundation in a child’s journey. That’s why Ace Academy offers comprehensive support programs, led by a team of dedicated professionals. Our community support team includes a speech pathologist, bilingual educators, an Indigenous community advisor, and a children’s well-being expert. With this holistic approach, we ensure that your child’s unique needs and potential are nurtured and supported every step of the way.

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What makes Ace Academy Learning so special?

We accept each child for who they are, embracing their uniqueness and supporting their individual learning and developmental journeys.

We believe that children’s learning occurs in a system of relationships that takes place by belonging, being, and becoming a member of their community to become active citizens of their world.

Our spaces are not only well-maintained and well-resourced but also thoughtfully designed with your child in mind. We believe in making every moment of their time with us enjoyable, adventurous, and conducive to their learning and developmental needs

Our Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten program is second-to-none, as we know how beneficial it is for children to attend a great kindergarten program.

At our core, we consider our families as valued clients, and it is our utmost priority to offer a service that is built on trust, thoughtfulness, and meaning. We understand the juggling act of balancing family, work commitments, and life’s complexities, which is why we go the extra mile to provide support wherever possible.

Philosophy & Mission

At Ace Academy our philosophy is simple but powerful: “Children are our future, our greatest asset.”